Werosys Concept and Werosys Compact

We offer two label converting solutions; the Werosys Concept and the Werosys Compact. Both are modular converting lines, meaning new modules can be added whenever needed and modules can be re-arranged – like building blocks. Thereby it can be re-configured to fit our customers’ individual needs.

In a Werosys converting line we use servo drives in all web handling. We believe this is the only way to assure precise tension control and superior accuracy when running at high speeds. All our converting solutions have advanced safety measures. Whenever safety covers are open it is only possible for the machine to run in safe motion, as a precaution. This means the production is slowed down or paused, and not reset, resulting in a minimum of waste, no loss of registration and easier operation.

Our modular converting lines are built in a stainless construction with extensive use of anodized aluminum and stainless steel. The stainless construction provides a machine with long-term durability and corrosion resistance. Moreover, the double-sided design presents a more stable and precise operation at high speed, as the web transport is supported on two sides, compared to traditional cantilevered systems.

On a Werosys machine everything is controlled from the centralised PLC/HMI, which can be integrated with our customers’ existing IT infrastructure. We call this “intelligent converting”, and it implies that our converting line can run continuously with minimal operator involvement and without stops for set up and job change-overs. This enables our customers to fully utilise their digital press by allowing multiple jobs to be printed on the same roll, only separated by a bar code or ID number.

Additionally, we are able to remote control and run diagnostics on machines via standard Internet connection. Thereby we can support our customers by planning preventative maintenance schedules to ensure that our converting lines do not have unscheduled break-downs.

The result is reduced waste, reduced costs, an optimised production and enhanced capacity, thus we can offer the highest Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) in the label converting and finishing business.

For specifications on one or both of our modular converting lines, please view the individual pages or contact us.