Our design philosophy

Werosys X frame design

Our design philosophy is centred on the fundamental belief, that Information Technology (IT) is the key driver of tomorrow’s converting business. The impact of digitisation and new technology is evident; the excessively rapid adoption of digital technologies has already disrupted traditional business models and made significant changes in the way we work, produce, communicate and sell. That is why our design is centred on IT.

As oppose to others, the baseline of our production line is not the hardware but the digital domain. As a result, our equipment can be changed or upgraded via software and we perform remote service, troubleshooting and implement new functionalities via the Internet. We do not design our label converting lines with a number of panels to configure independently with every job change – instead we control everything from our central PLC/HMI. This significantly reduces job change-over time and enables us to integrate our machines directly with the customers’ existing IT infrastructure. The result is a completely automatic job change-over and minimal operator involvement.

A future proof investment

Investing in a Werosys converting line is a strategic long-term investment. Based on double-sided stainless construction – predominantly using anodized aluminium and stainless steel, the Werosys converting line is built to last. All our machines are built in a completely modular design enabling us to continuously offer new functionality via software upgrades and add new modules as requirements change. We believe this is the best way to future-proof our customers’ investment.
We believe that 100% use of servo drives in web handling is the only way to provide superior accuracy at high speeds, enabling full remote troubleshooting and low maintenance costs. For these reasons, you will not see powder clutches or mechanical brakes in any web handling process on a Werosys converting line. We call this “Intelligent Converting”

Werosys Compact digital converting line
Werosys Compact
Werosys Concept system
Werosys Concept
image of cogwheel
Intelligent converting