Werosys Concept Finishing

Werosys Concept is a modular converting line in an extremely flexible high-performance design targeting special customer requirements.

The Concept is installed throughout the world in applications ranging from high performance slitter rewinders, digital finishing, solar panel production, printed electronics and medical device manufacturing.

For special applications the Werosys Concept platform offers an ideal starting point and flexible solution to specific customer needs. It can be continuously re-configured, to ensure a competitive setup adapting to changing customer demands.

For the labeling industry, Werosys Concept offers fully automated converting with the ability of performing full-automatic job change-overs without stopping the web. This means it can run multiple jobs on the same roll and performs the separation automatically by scanning barcodes with job ID in order to extract relevant data from existing IT infrastructure.

Owing to the full data integration on our machines, operator involvement is minimal. It reduces material consumption and thereby produces less waste, bringing better overall equipment efficiency (OEE) to our customers.

We offer the following modules to our Concept line: unwinder, combined semi-rotary and full-rotary die cut, laser die cut, slitter, rewinder, automatic turret, flexo print-varnish, rotary sheeter/IML module.

Servo-driven unwinder module

Ø1000 mm unwinder for the Werosys Concept automated finishing line

Electronic webguide system

Electronic web guide for the Werosys Concept automated finishing line

Laser die cut module

Close up of laser die cut for the Werosys Concept automated finishing line

Semi & full-rotary die cutter

Close up of Werosys Concept die cutter

Slitting knives: manual, automatic length, or automatic on-the-fly length slitting knives

Technical specifications

  • Web width up to 350 and 530 mm. Optional up to 1000 mm.
  • Servo-driven unwinder module (up to Ø1000 mm) with electronic web guide.
  • Servo-driven rewinder module (up to Ø1000 mm).
  • Different running speed configurations – up to 90 m/min semi-rotary and 500 m/min full-rotary. Pneumatic pressure setting and digitally controlled side adjustment.
  • Doubles as 500 m/min slitter-rewinder.
  • Manual slitting (razor blade / shear knife /crush knife).
  • Automatic length slitting (shear knives).
  • Full-automatic 2D length and side register control.
  • Intelligence through full data integration, e.g. CERM, LabelTrax, XML, SQL.
  • Stainless construction: extensive use of anodized aluminium and stainless steel.

Details and features

Unwinder module
Servo-driven unwinder. Rolls up to Ø1000 mm.

Web guide
Electronic web guide system with ultrasonic sensor or line-camera.

Laser die cut module
Enables fast and format-free job changes using barcode integration, powerful low noise smoke extraction, high cutting quality with small spot size.

Semi and full-rotary die cut
Runs up to 90 m/min semi-rotary and up to 500 m/min full-rotary. Pneumatic pressure setting and digitally controlled side adjustment.

No-contact waste matrix rewind
Werosys Concept uses a no-contact high speed waste matrix rewind system that reduces the risk of matrix break.

Slitting knives
There is an optional choice between two different knife systems: Manual slitting knives (razor blades / shear knives / crush knives), automatic length shear knives, automatic on-the-fly length slitting without stops.

Turret module
Fully automatic turret rewinder with automatic cross cut.

Rewinder module
Servo-driven rewinder. Rolls up to Ø1000 mm.

Sheeter module
Servo-driven variable repeat high-speed rotary sheeter with full-rotative IML/through-cut capability.