Digital Print Module

Werosys Compact Digital Print Module

The Werosys Compact Digital Print Module offers high speed and high quality printing and converting in one job operation, as well as fast job changes.

All web handling is controlled from the central PLC/HMI in the converting line, resulting in superior print quality and web handling.

Compared to add-on printing solutions, a fully integrated solution eliminates issues with missing labels or poor print quality during print engine cleaning cycles caused by inability to re-register the print.

Complete synchronization between printing, semi-rotary die cut and slitting optimizes end product quality and removes problems during forward and backward motion – as well as acceleration and de-acceleration of the web.

Werosys Digital Print Module is able to run both cost efficient water-based CMYK ink print engines, e.g. Trojan print engine based on Memjet technology; and up to 6 colour high speed UV based ink print engines, such as HAPA print engine based on Konica Minolta technology.

The digital print module can be installed on existing Werosys lines in the field, or combined with any of the Werosys Compact modules, now or in the future, to fit our customers’ changing needs.