Werosys Compact

Werosys Compact is a modular converting line in a compact and flexible design, which can be continuously re-configured to fit individual needs – both now and in the future. It is an automated converting line designed with the highest grade components available in the market today, allowing speeds of 65 m/min semi-rotary and 200 m/min full-rotary.

The automated machine setup facilitates that multiples jobs can be printed on the same roll, only separated by a barcode that holds all relevant job data. The result is fast change-over time, high throughput and reduced waste.

The Werosys Compact converting line runs at high precision through extensive use of high quality servo and PLC technology – and offers unmatched price/performance ratio in the label converting and finishing industry.

Standard configuration includes: unwinder, semi-rotary and full-rotary die cutter, waste matrix rewinder, slitter, and rewinder.

Extra modules

All Werosys Compact modules can be delivered as part of a fully digital converting solution, added later, or retrofitted to existing Compact lines.

With the addition of our newest modules, the Digital Print Module and the Laser Die Cut Module, we can now offer a complete CMYK digital label production system at an affordable price – and as with all our modules they can be added to Werosys Compact whenever your production requires it.

All currently available modules are listed to the left and new modules will continuously be added in the coming years to future proof our client’s investment.

Technical specifications and design features

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  • Web width up to 350 mm.
  • Servo-driven unwinder module (up to Ø680 mm).
  • Servo-driven rewinder module (up to Ø650 mm).
  • Different running speed configurations – up to 65 m/min semi-rotary and 200 m/min full-rotary.
  • Servo-driven compensator system with direct drive.
  • High-speed servo-driven no-contact waste matrix rewind with plasma coated rollers.
  • 15-25 inch magnetic cylinder.
  • 2-25 inch repeat length.
  • Advanced HMI control panel with full integration with existing IT infrastructure.
  • Intelligence through full data integration, e.g. CERM, LabelTrax, XML and barcodes.
  • Stainless construction: extensive use of anodized aluminium and stainless steel.
  • Balancing dancer system enables processing of delicate material – below 50μm.

Close up of unwinder and splice table for Werosys Compact

Unwinder & splice table

Servo-driven unwinder

A built-in web guide ensures that the paper runs correctly and precise into the machine. When the machine starts the unwinder automatically pre-tensions the web for superior web handling and reduced waste. The unwinder automatically stops on low diameter to prevent web break when the roll is empty. The unwinder is equipped with air shafts, meaning that air pressure keeps the up to 680 mm substrate roll in place at any time.

Splice table

The splice table is magnetic and made in stainless steel for longevity and corrosion resistance. Ergonomically designed for better work posture. Pneumatic clamps for automatic fixing of web during splicing are optional.

 Balanced dancer system

Balanced rotating dancer system

Unlike traditional machines, Werosys Compact has a unique balanced rotating dancer system, for higher stability. The balanced system provides superior web tension control and prevents the dancer system from dropping out of control in the event of web break. Moreover, it ensures very low and stable tension which enables processing of delicate material – down to and below 50µm.

 Compensator system

Servo-driven compensator system

Werosys Compact uses direct drive, which enables higher speed and a more precise and reliable operation. Unlike most systems in the market, we do not use belts, as belts may stretch, lose accuracy, or break; causing waste of valuable production time and material.

Werosys Compact is a modular and digital converting line for labels.

Semi & full rotary die cut

Semi and full-rotary die cut

The semi-rotary die cutter and full-rotary die cutter have pneumatic pressure setting, abandoning the need for mechanical adjustments. This removes the risk of overloading the tool or not getting sufficient pressure. It is very easy to change die plates between jobs, simply by pressing a pedal and lifting the plate from the cylinder. Mount the new plate at the guide line and press the pedal again to pull it onto the cylinder. Dispro factor correction for re-use of existing die plates. Accurate side adjustment is integrated and digitally controlled from the HMI. A fully automatic optical 2D length and side register control is available as an option, allowing continuous side adjustment without operator involvement.

Werosys Compact is a modular and digital converting line for labels.

 Waste matrix rewind

No-contact waste matrix rewind

Werosys Compact uses a no-contact high speed waste matrix rewind system that reduces the risk of matrix break. The use of fewer rollers combined with non-stick coating allows the Compact converting line to run at very high speeds with a very delicate waste matrix. It is possible to change between jobs with a minimum of waste, because of the small distance between the die cutter and the waste matrix removal.

Werosys Compact is a modular and digital converting line for labels.

Oscillating slitting knives

Oscillating slitting knives

There is an optional choice between two different knife systems: oscillating razor blades or sets of rotating shear knives. Both systems have pneumatic control and digitally controlled accurate side adjustment, controlled from the HMI. Oscillating razor slitting knives present a lengthened longevity; up to 100 times longer than stationary designs.

Dual rewinders

Servo-driven rewinder

Servo-driven rewinders offer superior web tension control, even when running delicate materials. The rewinder has wide tension range; from small rolls of unsupported films to large rolls of heavy label substrates (up to 600 mm). There is automatic adjustment of rewind tension, dependent on roll size, which ensures perfect winding quality in every roll. The rewinder is equipped with 3”-6” air shafts that keep the rolls in place. An extra rewinder is offered as an option, providing greater flexibility.

Optional features:

  • Pneumatic clamps for the splice table.
  • Lamination station with pneumatic silencer arm.
  • Fully automatic 2D length and side register control for the die cutter.
  • Oscillating razor blades – with up to 100 times longer longevity than stationary designs.
  • A second rewinder, offering higher flexibility.